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American Pregame: The Best Movie Scenes for Your Fourth of July

I love the Fourth of July as much as any holiday in the calendar year.

It’s a celebration of our nation’s independence, a time to get together with friends and family, a reason to eat ALL THE HOT DOGS AND BURGERS YOU WANT, and a solid excuse to blow shit up. 779 more words



Our whole solar system could be one tiny atom
in the fingernail of some other giant being.
That means that one tiny atom
in my fingernail could be one tiny little universe!
-Professor Dave Jennings, ‘Animal House’

The Best DJ In The World Is.....?

You already know WHO it is? DJ Jazzy Jeff! Way before the days of him getting tossed from uncle Phil’s house, he was half of Hip Hop’s premiere force with The Fresh Prince. 27 more words


Vidya Game News – June 26, 2015

It’s the last week of June! By this time next week, we’ll be close to celebrating America’s birthday. Because freedom. And Merrica. And burgers and hot dogs and good times. 299 more words


surprisingly, i am not perfect

Things I Probably Shouldn’t Do:

  1. Stay up past midnight on a school night to finish reading The Girl on the Train.
  2. Leave a brownie on the coffee table, thinking I can trust my dog not to eat it, because she doesn’t normally snatch things off the table.
  3. 348 more words

Beetlejuice 2...Really?

A report from iHorror says that filming for Beetlejuice 2 is set for later this year.

Um, why?

Look, I know the original Beetlejuice was a popular movie when it came out, and there’s been talk of a sequel off and on since then.  111 more words

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Bluto Loves Pell Grants

Not everyone is meant to go to college and tax payers shouldn’t be asked to pay for all those who do.

The Pell Grant is one gigantic slab on the road to hell paved with good intentions.Since it’s inception 50 years ago amidst the wave of anti-poverty sentiment; the Pell Grant was allowed to be a entitlement keeping at bay the question of deserving. 378 more words