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Loui Loui.... Oh, Loui Loui

Loui, well aren’t you a beautiful boy! That beautiful blue-grey coat, the white breastplate and big smile upon your face… I so wish I could pet you and let you know it’ll be all right. 395 more words


Utopirama: Dogtology - Live. Bark. Believe.

Welcome to Utopirama, the feature in which we present to you books that are guaranteed to uplift the weary of spirit and buff the corns of the emotionally downtrodden.  289 more words

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Scientists Declare Nonhuman Animals Have Consciousness

Though it happened in July 2012 at the Francis Crick Memorial Conference on Consciousness in Human and Non-human Animals, many people do not know Jaak Panksepp… 292 more words


Neuroscience, Love and Spirituality: How a Lost Dog or Cat Finds Their Human

You may have read in early February about the miniature Schnauzer named Sissy who escaped from her Cedar Rapids, Iowa home, walked about 20 blocks to a hospital and sneaked inside looking for her human, Nancy Franck, who was an inpatient there battling cancer. 634 more words


I'm a Little Prince!

Seeking love this week is this 8-week old terrier mix. He is full of life, as all puppies are, will need obedience training (as all puppies do), continued potty training (as all babies do), and continued socialization with other animals and people. 721 more words


A Furever Family Miracle: Gunnar's Story!

We love our animals and our animals love us. I cannot understand how it is that there are so many people who think that a pet is nothing more than a possession that can be thrown away when the animal becomes inconvenient. 445 more words


The Wisdom of Dog

Every morning before I even realise I am awake, my gorgeous dog Stella creeps up on to my bed. Long ago I gave up trying to keep her off because I delight in our morning ritual. 293 more words