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I find reasons to be angry with you so that it feels right when we aren’t talking. I’m watching you and your life move on while I’m standing right where you last left me. 127 more words

I should put all o' you in t' keelhaul, for t' pictures you have!!


I should put all o’ you in t’ keelhaul! What be wrong with you what kind o’ a …Man posts pictures like this.. Shiver me timbers… Let me ask you somethin’. 192 more words


The Wheels of the Bus...

Being thrown under the bus by someone because they would rather save their own bacon and not be accountable for any of the retarded decisions they have made… demonstrates a serious lack of integrity. 409 more words


On being annoyed

You know what? FUCK you. At least have some decency to say hi before asking for something if we haven’t talked in ages. Especially when you know you’ve hurt me before by ignoring me when I needed you.


Mole or Theater Person?

Here is a handy quiz to tell if a close friend is involved with the theatrical community or is a mole.

Note: this is an intensely offensive article. 159 more words

Self Talk

I talked to myself this morning

Inside my own head

No one was around

As I lay with dread in bed

My mind alarm shouted, “Up! 217 more words


I'm in need of an attitude adjustment...

I’ve come to the realisation recently that I’m very easily annoyed: Easy to wind up, and easily loses my temper. I don’t mean to be like that, it’s just the way I am. 227 more words