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Today, I lost my shit.

My husband and I have never been any good at arguing. One of us will giggle and it’s all forgotten about after 5 minutes.

Well today, for the 1st time in 7 years, I totally lost my shit. 336 more words


Emotional Writing

You’ve been thinking about that one idea all day long. It’s finally time to sit down and get it written out. You start to type and . 706 more words

Maggie Magee


Thinking is important . Only a person who doesn’t think would do an unthinkable thing. For example block a road for an hour because ¬†one of your people drowned in a dam. 134 more words



i ve decided I need to talk about this. Lately I ve felt so angry and empty that I ve started scratching and rocking again. I haven t done it since I was maybe 16 years old. 76 more words

My life...

My life seems so shaddered. It feels as though I have been nearly drown in the cold freezing sea. I feel that numb. In addition, I have such sickness, my heart aches in pain. 81 more words


Just Need to Vent

YouTube finally fixed the problem we were having with the comments page, so I went through a few pages of comments that I wasn’t able to go through for the passed couple of days. 966 more words