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Anger out

I have a sister.

I get mad at her sometimes. Our head don’t function similarly so sometimes things that sound offended to me, won’t mean a thing to her and vice versa. 307 more words

DISGRACED, POEM by Sagati Gichoro

Genre: Sad, Angry, Family

by Sagati Gichoro

He soiled my childhood.
Within this safety of my mother’s walls
He preyed on me, a low hanging fruit… 336 more words

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Stop raping each other's dignity

Attention: Slight break in usual transmission tonight as breaking news had led me to doubt my faith in the fellow human species.

i’m not going to go into detail but check out this wanker, if you want a reason to destroy human kind. 613 more words


I hate smoking or Depression my ass

My husband is a smoker and I HATE it, literally HATE it. Every time I see him smoke I would love to just kick him or slap him or something. 933 more words

The Robber

Winded by air
as it rushes up my nose
grabs my breath
flings it ahead laughs
As I stumble to catch it.

as the wind… 31 more words


What comes from being concerned

You’re a clogged pore (A game of cat’s cradle made from barbed wire)

Just like that feeling you get when you think you’ve taken your last step down the stairs, but there is one more left, and for a very brief moment you feel like you understand death.  79 more words


We are in a ROCKY PLACE....

Last week I mentioned him not shaving in this post

WELL, he didn’t shave until SATURDAY NIGHT!

Of course I wanted it Friday night because it had been nearly a week… 351 more words