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SlutFaceAmy wrote in her letter to my husband that I am jealous of her…

I thought about that with a sinking feeling.  That is not who I am is it?  452 more words


she’s in pain
but she struggles hard
and only shows anger
it’s turned inward
toward herself
one who wont fight back
she rages in memories… 133 more words


Hum Drumming - Cuts

Hum Drumming – Cuts

In times of cuts
Mental Health
Goes to pieces

If you have
Do not apply

A safety net… 8 more words

Don't Underestimate Triggers

There’s an article that’s been making the rounds on Facebook the last couple of days about a wife who came to realize that she was unknowingly abusing her husband. 555 more words

The Soothing Balm of Validation

After my experience with PT I was left feeling confused.  I wasn’t sure where my stuff ended and the just .. mess of that began.  I mentioned today about some of the things… 380 more words


The Power of Forgiveness

I recently experienced a situation where someone I work with treated me badly. While visiting a different office, I ran into a co-worker I’d worked with many years earlier.   465 more words

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