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Untitled and Unfinished.

Fuck you for making me like you

Fuck you for making me hate you

Fuck you for making me need you still.

I can’t even stand 7 days of not talking to you. 11 more words


Samina's Chance: Chapter 15

“What insolence! How dare she hang up on me, her best friend!”

Topher and Jaxson exchanged wary glances as Ada paced the floor of Jaxson’s apartment, relaying Samina’s outrageous behavior. 1,496 more words



Yet again, today I lost my temper and snapped at someone. As usual the after effect of this anger/reaction was very upsetting. Now, when I am calm I think I should have spoken like this, used these words, and should not have used those words;should not have raised my tone, should have kept control over my temperament, my anger. 264 more words

Experience And Reflection


Rage is an extrem word. Range is an extreme feeling. Range is close to what I feel towards people who do not show others respect. 70 more words


Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite...stupidity.

There are a lot of things in the world which I could brand stupid for example, stitched pockets. Tiny backpacks. iPhone’s with clogged up memory when you  353 more words

Good day, sunshine...

Perception is the only reality that matters. It informs absolutely everything. When I was drinking, I lived inside a mind full of fear and loathing. Naturally, this was reflected everywhere in my life…short temper, paranoia, disdain, gossip, depression, anxiety, self-doubt, perhaps even self-hatred. 972 more words


Friday 27th March

The Walk: Half-way down the over-examined road (that which I’m bored to hell with), I saw a cat.  I saw him – smelt like a him at twenty paces – saunter across from the cottage to the ditch and quietly slip between the blossoming wild garlic into the undergrowth.   287 more words