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Why School Will Kill Me

For the billionth time, I am telling myself it is selfish to ‘hate’ school. This theme, undoubtedly, has been explored so many times it has become a yawn-worthy cliché. 636 more words


There is Snow Everywhere. EVERYWHERE

Being a resident of Indiana all of my life I shouldn’t really be surprised by the bipolar nature of our weather and the severity of winters here but every year I grow to hate it more and more.  460 more words


How To Fail Your Day

If you ever need any advice on how to fail your day, I am the ideal person to come to. Seriously, I swear that’s why god made me. 674 more words


I need to stop ruminating so much. #emotionalhygiene #tedtalks

I recently watched an interesting TED Talk by psychologist Guy Winch concerning what he calls “emotional hygiene.” Why is it that we focus so much on physical health but not enough on maintaining our mental health? 577 more words

Life Stuff

take out the trash

She must be beautiful
the nameless face
that took my place
as if I never existed.

she changes shape
she’s always there in your bed… 86 more words

Days 0651 & 0652

Life just keeps serving up the laughs.

When The Angriest Man Ever advises that ‘you don’t need to be so angry all the time’! you know life is just checking that you’re paying attention. 45 more words