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Rant; grouch; rage; let it out. Now - How do you feel?

Do you ever read something and the words keep coming back to you like a boomerang?  That happened to me yesterday.  I was aimlessly browsing an article and read part of a conversation where one person said it was enough to express love verbally and the other person said that’s just rhetoric.  952 more words

That's Life

Delicate Flower

There’s a tingling sensation, almost ticklish. The pressure is just under that sensitive spot in your throat that if pushed, even with the slightest pressure, would make you feel at risk of choking. 353 more words

Gaudeamus omnes usque ad sempiternum

This has been bothering me for a while but now I think it is the time to say something out towards it. There are some people, usually young gullible teens who consume all they read as fact that believe that in our society there is over 54 genders. 264 more words


Anger and meditation

Anger is a primal human reaction. Do not believe anyone that claims you can completely abolish anger and only feel love. Anger is inevitable. At some point you will get angry. 356 more words


In the Spur of the Moment?

What matters?

This terribly ugly, yet grey, not dark and not light feeling that urges inside of you. It is such a great contradiction, because it makes you feel guilty, for you know you are being impossible, you are angry and then there is this side that just want to let it all out. 304 more words

Love, Life And Lessons

Quote of the Day.

“Never raise your hand in anger towards a child . . . . it leaves your groin unprotected”

-Sonny Eliot,



March was a rough month for me. I brought it all upon myself but that didn’t make it any easier. The head technician at work took the month to go tour around Asia, and I volunteered to cover his shifts. 829 more words

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