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God in the Hands of an Angry Sinner

There has been a lot of interesting conversation taking place on my Facebook newsfeed recently.

Well, I say conversation. Conversation may not actually be the right word. 827 more words


Tangible Love

Black churches are being burned.

This is happening. In our generation. I’m horrified and saddened and angry, but I also believe that Love will always triumph. 49 more words


Discovering the truth in meditation

People often ask me why I meditate. I tend to mumble some indistinct nonsense and then fail get to the heart of the matter. I suppose this is because there are so many reasons for my meditation practice — there is an endless list of… 725 more words


Independence Battles Protection

One of the greatest struggles I have found in being a caregiver is finding the happy compromise of my husband’s need for independence and control of his life versus my need to control his environment and keep him safe and healthy.  589 more words


Make no friendship with an angry man...

Proverbs 22: 24 – 25 Make no friendship with an angry man, And with a furious man do not go, Lest you learn his ways And set a snare for your soul. 568 more words


Steal my bike on canada day will you

So some dumb sod made off with my mountain bike which was a pleasant day to start canada day. To dumb to realize the mods to that bike are all custom shit good luck fuck face i’m gonna murder your whole blood line you touched deaths bike and started holding his hand now you die better hope the cops find cause if it me i’m gonna chain yah to a pick up and go for a rip around town than tattoo fuck up bike thief on your fucking forhead if your still bresthing.


Inside Out

With an original storyline and an effervescently cheerful color scheme, Pixar’s newest film doesn’t quite live up to the image I had in mind, perhaps because I’ve heard so much hype about it. 114 more words