Of Angels & Angles

The first thing that overtook her was the sheer weight of them. She hadn’t been expecting that, not really, she’d been expecting a little extra weight, sure, but this… This felt like it would crush her. 270 more words


Daily Guidance from the Angels for 3/3/15

Do you trust your soul to guide you through life? If your answer is yes, then keep doing what you’re doing. If your answer is no, then it’s time to ask the Angels to help you learn to trust your soul’s guidance. 7 more words


Daily Devotion: 3/3/15

Today’s devotional is dedicated to being Joyful or full of joy!

Let out a shout of excitement, a smile, or a laugh… just enjoy life today. 218 more words



Never Would’ve Made It – Marvin Sapp: http://youtu.be/7JXFg5KEoXg

This song was very instrumental in my healing process.

Youtube video

Song:  Never Would Have Made it

Marvin Sapp

Alert Systems

March 3, 2015

Hi Everyone,
Layla, my little feral rescue cat, growls like a dog whenever a stranger enters the neighborhood. Usually, the stranger is someone hanging advertisement on door knobs. 602 more words


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Keep it REAL

Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations from people. But the interesting part is that they all seem very legitimate… until our heart is broken.

I have met a lot of different types of people in my life and among those there have been some who are just too cute to ignore. 271 more words