Events That Took Place On Kik

Ok, so this is my perspective of what happened on Kik. So let’s start –

So, there was this guy, daemon in our kik group. Now, one day there was this argument between daemon and skaardparanormal, daemon said some hurtful things to skaardparanormal, ken also got into this argument siding with skaardparanormal, daemon told him (skaard) that he would attack his lady spirit and left the group. 326 more words

My Thoughts And My Spiritual Journey

My Destiny

Life, I will you to fast forward.
I can feel my destiny calling to me.
It is murky still, but the pull is strong
It’s like a fireball of energy in my chest that threatens to consume. 176 more words


Daily Guidance from the Angels for 3/31/15

What would your life look like if you actually let it be fun? How much change could you create by being the energy of fun and joy? 16 more words


Entertaining Angels

Key West Sunset

Nearing retirement age, I was considering future options, among them opening a tea room. While listening to Christian radio one day on the drive to work, I heard the following Bible verse read. 260 more words

Miracles Now

Angels All Around

Tomorrow will mark two years since my Camry was smashed. As terrible as the experience was, God was there with us. He kept us safe. 498 more words

Two Angels

Last week while in WV for my father in laws funeral talking with my mother in law she told me that the day she went to visit her husband in the hospital her husband pointed toward the door. 125 more words


Instant Success

March 31, 2015

Hi Everyone,

When the Black Friday sales ads came in November, my reaction was, “Shop? I don’t get it. Who has time to shop?” … 621 more words