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The sting of the N-word and a perfect gentleman

A man goes into a church and shoots nine people while they are studying the word of God. Young black men are being murdered for playing their music too loud or walking home from the store with a pack of Skittles and a bottle of iced tea. 729 more words

Angela Tuck

John S. Carroll: More than a giant in journalism

If you are fortunate in life and work, you will be blessed with bosses and mentors who see your potential and take a personal interest in your career. 629 more words

Angela Tuck

Murder and hate in God's house will not prevail

His picture is all over the Internet. Reporters are looking into his sick, tortured background. His father bought him a .45 caliber hand gun for his 21st birthday. 405 more words

Angela Tuck

Rachel Dolezal was right to resign from the NAACP, but not because she is white

Lies and misrepresentations are always harmful. But whom among us hasn’t told a white lie or two?

When I first heard about the curious case of Rachel Dolezal,  a white woman pretending to be black, I wondered how that made her different from entertainers and actors who embrace and celebrate black culture. 520 more words

Angela Tuck

Leave your comfort zone to learn, teach, do good

By Erin Perry

GUEST BLOGGER When my engineer-husband said: “We may have to move to Brazil for my next assignment,” the journalist in me bombarded him with questions. 856 more words

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Faith: The substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen

By EMILY MCMILLAN, guest blogger 

I will never forget that rainy, cold day in October, when my then 3-year-old son and I arrived from Atlanta to the Memphis VA hospital purposed to drive my father back to Mississippi from a doctor’s appointment.The ride was unusually quiet as we always had great talks whenever we were together. 394 more words

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Cancer, meet my father. He is not afraid of you!

My dad, with granddaughters Kristen and Megan and great grand Lena!

Hello cancer,

You have visited the bodies of my friends and family on several occasions in your many ugly forms. 358 more words

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