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A New World Order Has Been Formed*

It’s only been twenty years or so, so perhaps we don’t have a real perspective on the era yet. But the 1990s saw some major changes on several levels. 1,041 more words


Crime Fest, Adelaide

This weekend will see both me and my partner in crime/life Andrew Nette in Adelaide for SA Writers Centre Inc‘s inaugural Crime Fest. 279 more words

Angela Savage

Wherever We're Together, That's My Home*

A really interesting post from writer and fellow blogger Jan Morrison has got me thinking about how we conceive of ‘home.’ For some people, that word represents a geographical place. 968 more words

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Interview with crime writer Anna Jaquiery

My recent review of Anna Jacquiery’s new novel Death in the Rainy Season inspired fellow blogger and Asia-phile PJ (Philip) Coggan to read it and, subsequently, to interview Anna by email for… 1,068 more words

Angela Savage

Watching the Tide Roll Away*

Since most murderers don’t want to be caught, one of their concerns is how to get rid of the bodies of their victims, leaving as little evidence of what happened as possible. 1,192 more words

Agatha Christie

Operation Excess Baggage Week 15

So anyways, some seriously random shit went down this week- not to me, but around me…to people I love. People who don’t deserve seriously random shit of this nature. 390 more words


I Betcha You Would Have Done the Same*

Part of the appeal of some crime novels is that they invite the reader to do some deeper thinking. For instance, I’d guess that we all want to think we’d do the right thing in a given situation. 1,114 more words

Agatha Christie