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Setting: Creating a sense of place

I’ve spent the past week developing the program for a workshop I am running in Melbourne on Sun 19 April 2015 at Writers Victoria on… 279 more words

Angela Savage

And I Have My Say and I Draw Conclusions*

Most of us make sense of what we see and draw conclusions from it without even being aware of what we’re doing. For instance, suppose you don’t see your car keys where you usually leave them. 1,354 more words

Agatha Christie

I'm special, so special*

For those of you who’ve been meaning to read my novels for ages, Text Publishing’s Deal of the Week sees all three available at the special price of AUD$14.99 each, with free delivery anywhere in the world. 401 more words

Angela Savage

Without Compassion, There Can Be No End to Hate*

Today (or tomorrow, depending on when you read this), has been set aside as 1000 Voices For Compassion Day. The idea is to focus on the compassionate and good things that we do for one another. 1,364 more words

Agatha Christie

'Cause When It's All For One, It's One For All*

To a greater or lesser extent, cultures tend to be either collectivist or individualist. In collectivist cultures, the emphasis is on group membership and group achievement. 1,291 more words


Books that blew my mind in 2014

It’s a gift for a reader to pick up a book that takes you by surprise and blows your mind.

I had the great fortune in 2014 to stumble upon several books that did this — all of them short story collections, three released in 2014, five by Australian authors. 310 more words

Angela Savage

You're A Sad Sight, Honey, But You Look So Cute*

We usually think of fictional sleuths as brave, and very often they are. But well-drawn sleuths are also quite human. And that means that they have moments, as we all do, of feeling, well, not at all confident. 1,281 more words

Agatha Christie