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Musing from a Lonely Friday

Okay, so the Nigerian elections was coming up and for some reason unknown to me, a lot of people decided to convince themselves that the school premises was unsafe for the period. 777 more words


That One Time I Was A Giraffe

At the end of first year, whilst I was still living in student halls on campus, my friends and I decided that for our second year we would rent a flat in the city centre of Stirling. 498 more words

Fun Stuff

Spring Blooms.

I might be a little on the early side with my spring floral post, but the fact that the groundhog bit the mayor this year makes me think that he might not be quite as credible as everyone seems to think- I mean who decided that a rodent should be the one who gets to predict when spring comes anyway?! 267 more words


Weekly Round-Up

Here we are, back again with the daily round-up. This week has been busy, busy,busy. I’m taking a day to do things like get tax papers together, set-up auto-payments on my health care and ┬áthe laundry. 173 more words



Mention the word Lemons and our face starts to pucker up as our senses recall the image and taste of a sour lemon! We only remember the lowly lemon as a fruit or juice for our drinks or cooking. 392 more words

Genevieve Pendrageon's Musings

Ho ho ho!

Well actually mes amis, it is not Christmas and Santa is not on his way to drop presents down your chimney. Although one does understand that in Northern parts of the United States it has been Xmas for an extended period judging by the snow they have had. 89 more words


How Jane Austen Changed My Ideas on Speaking One's Mind

It was only a matter of months ago when I held the very strong (and, I think, fairly popular) opinion that people ought to speak their minds and listeners ought to toughen up. 935 more words