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Four on the deck

“Four on the deck?” the host asks.
“Um, well, we’d rather sit inside, actually.”
“Four on the deck?” he asks again, pointedly.
“No, it’s raining and cold.

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Or, Be Killed by It

Ram into violets. Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Dress like a poem as much as possible. Move to Russia and fight other poets, then intern for one of the many listed heads of government of the Russian Federation. 87 more words


We're Not in Fantasia Anymore: My Never-Ending Story

Most coming out stories are a variation on the same. Kid tells mom/dad/grandma/friends about their sexual orientation or gender identity, and family reacts accordingly. Some of these stories have a happy ending, and some of them not so happy, but I’m starting to see that in actuality, most people’s coming out stories never have an ending at all. 471 more words


because it made me smile

My Facebook friends (who are mostly people I knew in high school) and I recently went on a silly quiz taking spree, laughing and commenting on one another’s results. 86 more words



Filipinos are known for not being able to pronounce some letters properly. There’s the V-B problem, F-P, Th vs T vs D.

One of my favorite stories regarding the V-B problem comes my own experience in high school. 82 more words



Después de trabajar, Jean, Margarette, Kevin y yo fuimos al Instituto Cervantes de Manila para celebrar La Noche del Libro. Es una de las actividades de la escuela todos los años. 21 more words



The Hangover after the celebration of Dia del Libro