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And not Rhode Island, either.

Came very close to being in a terrible accident on our way home from church today. An SUV lost traction in the slush, spun out, flipped upside down, spun… 71 more words


The Stranger

My father, who passed away when I was ten, would tell me the same story every night before putting me to sleep – When he met my mother, they were strangers, yet the stars couldn’t keep them from becoming each other’s best parts. 819 more words


For Rashmi Kashyap of Soul n’ Spirit, this post is for you.

I don’t remember exactly when, but a while ago … a month? two?  604 more words



one of the things that i feel proud of myself about is my education. i loved school,and spent all my time on it. i suppose it’s really not surprising, since my father was a university professor and my mother was a high school teacher. 380 more words

What a Wasted Opportunity

Re-post. Any Sherlock fans out there?

What an exhausting day.

Went on something of an adventure, then had something of a workout — physically first, then mentally. 1,640 more words


Shopping Freebies

I wonder why i have few photos in any shopping malls i’ve been to.

Let me guess. Hmm? All of them almost look the same? Nope not really, every shopping mall is really distinctive in its own way.   360 more words


It's death Jim but not as we know it

He seemed to define immortality but eventually logic and science could not prevent the demise of one of the greatest characters to visit earth.

I remember sitting through many Star Trek episodes and worrying when Jim and his crew came close to extinction. 142 more words