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Officers Looking for Eagle Shooter

ANDREAS — The Pennsylvania Game Commission is looking for the person who shot a bald eagle outside the community of Andreas close to the Schuylkill/Carbon County line. 63 more words


Vanlig T-shirt


Jag har sytt en t-shirt på symaskin.

Det jag tycker är lätt var att det var inte så krångligt att klippa ur delarn och sy ihop dom för man förstod vilken del som ska sitta ihop med varandra. 233 more words

BREAKING FLIGHT 9252: What happened a minute before the plane crashes into the mountain?

Flight 9252 leaves Barcelona airport with no problems at all. When they reach higher altitude, the automatic pilot is programmed in. At 10.27h the captain opens the cockpit door to go to the bathroom. 1,172 more words


Kokkola, Finland

Kokkola, Finland. Thanks Andreas.


Germanwings Air Disaster: What We DON'T Know.

I looked at the newspaper with horror: another commercial airplane crash. That makes five in one year. Is air travel becoming less safe? Is something sinister afoot that we are not being told about? 1,690 more words


My Take: The Germanwings Air Crash

Usually when I see a link to a news story and some long Facebook status of someone posting their opinion on it, I usually just think something along the lines of ‘self-serving dickhead’. 220 more words