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A writer's challenge

By ‘a writer’ I may just be referring to myself…I’ve been thinking, really I have and I fear I’m not taking myself too seriously. I read a bit on the condition called ‘writer’s block’ (that should possibly be the title of this piece), err I don’t really want to call it a condition, sounds too grave but maybe (I’m being honest here), just maybe I could possibly be suffering from that, I mean, how do you explain writing half completed stories of which I have no idea how it’s supposed to end, but then I write it anyway and then at times, as much as I crave to, I just simply don’t write… 70 more words


I looked away for a moment

I looked away for a moment

And everything changed

The sun shined a little brighter

The birds chirped a little louder

The flowers opened just as I touched them… 135 more words


where my feet may fail.....

You fell for me and now I stand…I must say, it’s not easy,to stand that is…my feet fails and at times I can’t help but look at the waves roaring all around me…and yes, I do fall,lots of times and I fear I just might be losing it altogether. 219 more words


life changes so fast part 1

…Life changes so fast sometimes with no prior notice and at times no permission as such.Today I look back and remember so much that had happened in my life, so much within such little time…             662 more words


Just a way of life?

Do we call a random person who has a degree of morality religious? Religion is like a set of values, a definition of what is considered right or wrong and any one who wants to be termed religious must follow such values without question. 134 more words