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They are some who think paint has the power to dissovle the veil, and magically we can cross over to the other side. Unfortunately the ones who worked with this miraculous paint lived thousands of years ago, so I set out to make a ‘veil dissolver’ paint, although instead of mixing it with saliva like my ancient counterparts, I went with a modern version, acrylic polymer. 129 more words

Arnold, John H. History: A Very Short Introduction.

NY: Oxford University Press, 2000.

It has to be a challenge to write a useful overview of a large, complex subject in 120 pages or so, but the volumes I’ve read in this series so far have managed it pretty well. 765 more words


An Ancient Scam? Even Ancient Egyptians Were Scammers

What up schemers?

Today’s post is about ancient Egyptian scams. This is going to be a good one!

Long ago, animals were increasingly seen as sacred representation of gods in ancient Egypt. 568 more words


Thursday Doors - The Chapel of the Knights Templar, Cressac

There is something irresistibly fascinating about doors and doorways, whether old or new they seem to pique our innate curiosity and love of mystery.

I have posted a couple of times already with some of my favourites but having just discovered some other fellow door-lovers and the ‘Thursday Doors’ spot hosted by ‘ 194 more words


Toronto Acupuncture Treatment: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illnesses

Although modern medicine continues to develop treatments, old procedures are slowly returning to prominence as more people begin to see their benefits to overall health. Despite having relatively few studies to assess alternative medicine, unorthodox procedures like acupuncture have treated many patients in Canada, in unique facilities distinct from common health centers.