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An Interview with Zemas Madhouse Foods, from Celia Kaye

Your company’s focus is on clean and healthy eating, but the mixes you offer include cakes, cookies, brownies, waffles, etc. What would you say to someone who argued that no matter how healthy a cookie might be, it’s better to not eat it at all? 75 more words

Interview: Zemas Madhouse Foods

An interview with Jill Motew, President and Founder of Zemas Madhouse Foods.

1) Children can be particularly picky when it comes to the sweets they like. 1,183 more words

Celia Kaye

Strawberry & Almond Black Tea Muffins!


Going to be brief here because I will probably re-post these next time I make them with more exact measurements and photos. YES, I am definitely going to make these again! 517 more words

A Dish I Make

Spinach and Wheat Berry Salad with Miso-Gomashio Vinaigrette

A Zen philosopher once stated, now is all we really have. Each day my son grows older, I marvel at how his personality is developing and am reminded of the importance of savoring each moment. 673 more words

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Organic Ancient Grain Profiled on "Modern Living"

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Organic ancient grains are all the rage in the U.S. with quinoa perhaps the most well known. But on the rise is freekeh, a roasted green wheat, that is low in sodium and high in protein and fiber. 95 more words


Honey Orange Yogurt Pancakes with GrandMarnier Strawberries and Cream cheese!

So apparently I only make breakfast!

T’will change shortly as I am making a nice dinner salad tonight! And after all this pizza and pancake business I am in need of some serious greens! 573 more words

A Dish I Make

Brekky Pizza First Attempt - Prosciutto, Hashbrowns, Provolone and Peppers

First off you need pizza dough!

Please make your own you will never want to use a pre-made dough or crust again. I never even really liked pizza and now it’s in regular rotation. 999 more words

A Dish I Make