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Who were we?


My parents are black, as well as my siblings, and extended relatives. I have full lips, a big nose, and a big butt. 292 more words


Solomon's Will

My Great-Great Grandfather on my Mother’s side was named after one of ancient history’s wealthiest men, but Solomon Soper left a humble legacy:  $50.00 to each of his four minor heirs.   514 more words


Ben Affleck Had Ancestor’s Slave Owning Past Scrubbed From PBS Show

In continuing fall out from those hacked Sony emails, Wikileaks revealed actor Ben Affleck asked that his ancestor’s slave owning past be scrubbed from the program… 434 more words

Entertainment News

Crown of Baldness

Post # 281

I did my monthly barber trip today.  I’ve let the same barber(ette) cut my hair for 46 years.  (I also take my barberette everywhere I go, just in case I need a trim!) 382 more words

Fruit Salad, a tradition

Writing 101, Day 10 – Write about your favourite childhood meal

Thanksgiving, in our family, was the time of year when we gave thanks for the harvest and celebrated with extended family. 419 more words


Debt of gratitude

That is what I owe my two grandmothers for instilling in me respect and curiousity about our family history. My parents as well, but as the matriarchs of our families, these two women have kept alive very important aspects of our family and culture. 165 more words