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Thank You Granny!

I was just talking in one of my groups about how much I miss my grandmother. She was my rock and ,100% honest, more of a parent to me than my own parents ever were. 81 more words

A lesson about my ancestors, Kirundi, leadership, and a shining cross

Today I learnt that my great-grandfather (the father of my mother’s mother), Umuganwa (Prince) Ndamama – Mwene (Son of) Umuganwa Ntarugera, Mwene Umwami (King) Mwezi Gisabo – was the first Umurundi to ever learn how to read and write, under the German rule. 594 more words

Life & People

The War on DNA

On the subject of human rights – it really puts things into perspective when you try to use historical precedent to make a logical case for the human being’s right to live on this planet. 2,279 more words



Take me back to a time and place where life was slow moving and not at a rushed and hurried pace. No cellphones existed, nor t.v.’s or tapes. 303 more words

Abandoned Places

Kachinas, Spirit Beings

Alex Seotewa was our guide to the mission church he had painted in Zuni pueblo.  We had driven there to see the interior of the mission church with the spectacular kachina murals which I had seen once briefly with a Catholic priest.   864 more words


"If you narrow it, you miss it." A response.

This post is in response to a post by Helio, which can be found here.

I want to clarify some things from my point of view, because I feel some things have been lost in translation. 1,301 more words


I am Not my Hair...I am a Warrior

 Before the transformation, before the crossroads, before the Light of God and the community of Faith…

 After the transition, after the revealing, after the affirmation, after the beginning of a new journey… 316 more words