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what is?

everything’s one
that’s real and it’s true
realer than real
you can feel it shine through

nothing is there
it’s obviously so
because I know nothing… 50 more words


Anattā and Rebirth in Buddhist Dhamma Teachings

(Unless otherwise indicated, terms are in Pāḷi, followed by Sanskrit in parentheses)

It is difficult to use human language, which itself is often based on the physical assumptions and constructs of our physical world, to explain philosophical and religious phenomena that originate in or involve things that are non-physical or metaphysical. 1,985 more words

endless horizons

POSTCARD #113: New Delhi:  Carrying stuff upstairs, laptop under arm with notepad, phone in pocket, pen held in teeth, water bottle neck clasped between first and third fingers. 575 more words


Whatever we perceive of the world is like looking at reflections in a mirror - Ajahn Sumedho

“Our own mind is like a mirror which reflects the universe and you watch the reflection.

“Before, we would take these reflections for reality so that we became entranced, repelled or indifferent to them.

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a world of things

“Those who float away their lives on ships or who grow old leading horses are forever journeying, and their homes are wherever their travels take them.” 601 more words


nostalgia for winter

OLD NOTEBOOKS: East Anglia: Writing this in New Delhi, the winter chill has a familiarity; the cold-nose-sniffing days of UK winters long ago at the old house in East Anglia, before I had proper heating installed. 642 more words



OLD NOTEBOOKS: East Anglia: Aunt Liz was an unusual person because she didn’t speak much, lived like a recluse and it’s only recently I realized she may have been Bipolar – it was so long ago, nobody knew about it then. 578 more words