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Hooves on the ground: Colour Atlas of Anatomy, a photographic study of the human body. Rohen/Yokochi

This is exactly what it sounds like; A compilation of colour photographs, CT-scans and MRIs of the human body, laid out by body part (Head, neck, trunk, thoracic organs, abdominal organs, urogenital and reproductive, upper limb, lower limb). 594 more words

Shoulder Time

Part one: Understanding Anatomy.

The shoulder joint has become a common culprit for pain and dysfunction. With our society becoming increasingly more sedentary among their lifestyles and job demands, shoulder pain and dysfunction is becoming more and more prevalent. 970 more words


Understanding Your colon

The colon is more popularly known as the large intestine. It connects the ileum or the last part of the small intestine with cecum, or the first part of the colon in the lower right abdomen.  289 more words

Awareness Month


In my house of survival are coiled journeys put to rest
Intimacies unrealized docile in their bedrooms
When I leave its walls, I leave lilies in place of me… 146 more words


And we begin with bones.

One of my goals for this year is to be able to name and describe the functions of all 206 bones of the adult human body (plus the extra 67 pre-fused bones of a baby). 49 more words


When avant-garde fashion meets human anatomy: introducing the rib blouse

The world of eclectic fashion just got even more bizarre with its newest addition of the “rib blouse.”

Originally designed by Tetzco and fashioned into a three-dimensional, wearable piece of clothing by… 426 more words