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The smell of rot

large blisters form


infection –

Contagion blood-borne.

Tears creasing cheeks

flesh melts away


liquefy –

Bare bones near decay. 28 more words


Wonders of the World

You can wrap yourself in strips of linen
and seal yourself in a sarcophagus.
You can bury yourself in a thousand years of heavy stone and sand, 297 more words


Cystic Hallelujah

Cystic Fibrosis is an inherited genetic condition, where specialised cells called epithelial cells, found in the lining of vessels (like the lungs, the intestines, the reproductive ducts…) do not function correctly. 397 more words


Painting vs. Sculpture

Painters and sculptors have competed with one another since the days of Ancient Greece and Rome. The competition began as a debate about which of the two media better represents the world. 610 more words


Return To Water

Breathing isn’t easy.

It’s alien to me, as foreign as sleep and clumsy as a toddler finding his footing. My lungs crack and crumble, trip and tremble, linger after every weeping flower and chase the breeze they bath in, like a dog after a neighbor’s truck. 502 more words

J.T. Carlton

How to grow a bone Can you grow a human bone outside the human...

How to grow a bone

Can you grow a human bone outside the human body? The answer may soon be yes. Nina Tandon explores the possibility by examining how bones naturally grow inside the body, and illuminating how scientists are hoping to replicate that process in a lab.

20 more words

Course Review: Immaculate Dissection II

Written by Kento Kamiyama PT, DPT 


The last weekend of June, I attended a anatomy palpation and corrective exercise course called Immaculate Dissection II: Dissecting the Lower Extremity taught by Dr. 458 more words