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Anarchists, It Is Our Duty To Vote In Elections

As election fever reaches its sweaty, unbearable heights in both the UK with the coming General Election, and in the US as Hilary Clinton officially announces her campaign to run for Presidency, we are faced with the age old anarchist dilemma: To vote or not to vote. 3,333 more words

Paddy Vipond

En fallen sten i en verden av glass..

You’re all made of glass.. And if you shatter within the presence of my creation then that is not my fucking problem..I am a destructive being. 793 more words

Journal Of The Profane

Sadiq Gill: Is the Anarchy Related to India?

The elaborate diplomatic dance between India and Pakistan has been interrupted once again. The two sides remain far from a major breakthrough in their troubled relationship. 1,342 more words

spring has sprung

I have of late been spending much more time outside and off devices. As a Canadian, spring not only comes as a great relief to the months of bone chilling cold and snow but also a re-awakening to all things that are outside one’s house. 770 more words



He is not suit nor tie
but a producer
a constructing de-constructor
his veins flow fire
his heart pumps madness
the clock is his rival… 213 more words