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This can be violent or just surprising . This Top 5 involves with our society , with capitalism , with our principles , with our lives . 245 more words


Canonize Chesterton? Only if I can be there!

The other day, I read this fantastic rundown of Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s writing. I was reminded yet again why I love him so much–if Mark Twain and CS Lewis fell simultaneously into a hay-bailer, you’d get GK in a tight bundle. 785 more words


Anarchy. It's not a phase.

Being an anarchist is not just a catchy and trendy, temporary way of life; nor is it a passing fancy or a cool philosophy to use for the sake of winning arguments. 210 more words

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The Rule of Anarchy


In the time and place when I last lived it was impossible to tell the righteous from the evil.  Sometimes,  your enemy could be kind or generous or offer you aid in your time of need; and sometimes your own friends and family betrayed you.  464 more words


Scofflaws (2): eco-defence

Forty years ago a new phrase was dropped onto an unsuspecting world: for ‘monkey wrenching’ we have to thank a highly charged American with a Masters in anarchy studies and a mission to save the natural world. 1,045 more words

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“When the daylight returned the King was dead”, the obituary read. As they gathered at the gate with candles, bouquets wailing the length of his days cut short the King slipped out into a Wrangler purchase just recently made. 93 more words

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