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Rahul Gandhi's 'suit boot ki Modi sarkar' jibe stinks of hypocrisy

Vivek Kaul

Rahul Gandhi, the Gandhi family scion and the vice-president of the Congress party, is back from his two month holiday (57 days to be exact). 1,015 more words


Beyond Belief: Violence, Religion, and Orientalism

The role of religion in shaping cultural attitudes towards violence and exclusion has been a major topic of discussion in recent years. Due in no small part to the attacks of September 11 and the US response in the Middle East, the discussion often hinges on Islam specifically and its influence on a growing number of sectarian and international conflicts in the Middle East. 1,699 more words

Middle East

Same Phat Channel, Same Phat Time ...

Episodic RPG play.  It’s not my strength.

So, it was my turn to run something, and I floated Legend of the Burning Sands.  I mentioned to the players that I was going to try to make it more episodic, both to make it easier for people to drop in or drop out for sessions but also to try to be more like Heroes of Rokugan.  1,279 more words


Analyzing Post Performance

Let’s dive right into analyzing a sample post.

According to Facebook, here’s how this post did:

According to tsu, here’s how the post compares to others: 594 more words

Beware of Merkel Making Promises

In another of the (forgive the mixed metaphors to come) see-sawing, forked-tongue performances she’s become well-known for over the past 16 months or so, in the statement she delivered at the April 17 economic forum in Straslund, Angela Merkel made some more vague conciliatory promises to Russia — at the same time as Germany’s set to reactivate another of its 100 Leopard tanks, which it plans to progressively modernize and improve. 311 more words

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Curriculum Planning: A Seven-Step Process

This year has been a year of unofficial professional development. I’ve had to develop not one but three new curricula mostly from scratch. All of the things I took for granted in the past were suddenly challenges: what books should I teach? 2,294 more words