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#HeyItsOkay ... to not have anal sex

I think I was embarrassingly old before I realised that straight couples have anal sex too. The idea didn’t horrify me but it did confuse me a bit. 383 more words


Truffle Butter

“I thought it meant something expensive because it’s truffles.”

Bitch didn’t know it meant a mix of ass juice and pussy juice mixed together.



Note: This one is pretty dark. I surprised even myself while free form writing it. It’s vicious and sexy and just utterly brutal. What I mean is this: Be in a low lit area. 1,201 more words


It isn't over...

The last few weeks have been so busy that I haven’t had the time to sit and write, but boy do I need to!

Let’s go all the way back to Valentine’s Day weekend. 971 more words

Anal sex, the heteronormative fantasm against heretical love

I recently read an interesting study by Andrew Calimach on the ancient Greek custom of pederasty, the pedagogical and erotic relation between an adult man and an adolescent boy: … 1,660 more words


Anal Gel Review: Anal-Ese

Are you having trouble with anal? You may be tempted to try an anal desensitizing gel, like cherry-flavored Anal-Ese. If you do, you should be cautious. 703 more words

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Harry Crews on true love...and asses

“‘But true love,’ he said, ‘godddamn true love is taking it out of you ass and sticking it in your mouth.'” – A Feast of Snakes… 857 more words

Harry Crews