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The Hotel

The hotel lounge was quiet that night. As Simon walked in he could hear faint conversations from a few customers at the bar. The jukebox in the corner was playing Johnny Cash’s I Walk The Line. 1,130 more words

Small Silicone Plug by Pipedream

What’s the best way to spend part of your Saturday? Shopping for your first anal plug of course!

A couple years ago I would have never dreamed about anal sex, let alone buying a plug or anything else that I could stick up there. 1,079 more words


Meet X (XX)

Here I am, day 2 of blogging, lost at sea. I’ve spent the day mentally planning a blog about something which happened yesterday evening, but as I sit down to write I realise it just doesn’t makes sense without first introducing you to X. 746 more words

7 Terrifying Anal Sex Stories That Are Almost Too Horrific To Believe

Despite it being more mainstream than it has been in recent memory, anal sex still feels like the final frontier for straight couples. Once you go anal, is there anything else left? 882 more words

He told me to send him a text message when I had reached the house. “SMS me” – he said. “Let me know that you are outside and I’ll open the door for you.”  … and I kept on drinking my morning coffee, trying to realize if I was reading what the letters stated. 169 more words