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This Is Wolfcop

The credits and opening shot-plus-filter make you think you’re getting Grindhouse, but once the title appears, that train leaves the station becoming something else entirely.  In fact, up until Lou Garou (clever, right?) becomes the Wolfcop, the movie is mostly uninteresting.   190 more words


Lunar, see? (98/3)

I have mixed feelings about this one.  On the one hand, any mention of Credence Clearwater Revival takes me back to my first foray into higher education in 1981.   218 more words

Pop Music

Paul's Mini-Reviews #5

Going to try something a bit different this time around. In the past, I’ve been writing these Mini-Reviews in one or two sittings, waiting until I’ve watched about eight or nine films and then doing them all at once. 2,122 more words

Movie Reviews

Pop Culture Monday: I Can't Watch! ...Yet, I must...

I hate being scared.

But I looooove being scared.

I realize that makes no sense.  But let me take you back for a few moments, if I may, to my childhood, where my love of freaky movies began. 1,213 more words

Pop Culture

That transformation scene . . .

Here’s the question, in the decades since has this scene ever been equalled?


The day I met John Landis...

Living a life with family who had an eclectic taste in music was, to say the least, interesting, but also opened up my world to a wide range of diverse styles of music. 1,065 more words