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The Practical Free Spirit Turns Five

Five years ago today, I published this blog’s first post.

Five years. FIVE YEARS.

And this is my 516th post. Can you imagine? I have sat here typing like this 515 times before this time. 662 more words

Amy Sundberg

Actually, This is Very Silly

Last year at this time, I was feeling uncomfortable about my age.

One reason I was feeling uncomfortable about my age was that I was dating someone who was some years younger than me. 490 more words

Amy Sundberg

How to Build a Support System

That’s great you have a support system, Amy, but how did you get here?

I’m going to write about how I built up my support system in the last three or so years, but I need to begin with a caveat: Your mileage will vary. 1,818 more words

Amy Sundberg

Thank You for Feeding My Heart

I remember wishing for a support system.

I don’t remember exactly when this was. It couldn’t have been high school because I didn’t aspire to anything as lofty as a support system in those years. 538 more words

Amy Sundberg

Six Years With Nala

Today Nala and I are celebrating our sixth anniversary of living together and being best friends.

Doubtless everyone who reads this blog already knows how much I love this little dog. 244 more words

Amy Sundberg

What the Hell is this Blog ABOUT, Anyway?

I get asked this question all the time: What is your blog about? Inevitably I flail about, stringing words into somewhat coherent sentences that may or may not have any actual meaning. 731 more words

Amy Sundberg

Why I Often Don't Talk About Writing

I like to tell people that one of the most important parts of being a writer is learning how to deal with the emotional baggage of writing, whatever your particular flavor of that is. 875 more words

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