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On Being Single

By now we’ve talked about several aspects of dating here on the blog, but I want to talk about something different.

I want to talk about being single. 798 more words

Amy Sundberg

Writing in the Dark

“In the end we always act in the dark.” – Rebecca Solnit

I have always been a big planner.

My parents were also planners. My mom made a to-do list every week, even though she had a weekly schedule that didn’t involve a lot of variation. 834 more words

Amy Sundberg

The Dating Beat: Asking Questions

A few months back, I made a new friend, and we spent a fair amount of time chatting and getting to know one another. And I was struck by something he was doing. 839 more words

Amy Sundberg

I Was a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

A couple of months ago a friend of mine told me I was a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

At first I argued with him. But that ended pretty quickly because his argument was actually convincing. 779 more words

Amy Sundberg

Mother's Day Kind of Sucks When You Have a Dead Mother

This is a hard post for me to write.

I often don’t have much difficulty with Mother’s Day. My normal strategy is to try as much as possible to ignore it, and to spend very little time on Facebook on the actual day. 825 more words

Amy Sundberg

The Story of the Cheese Ball

Last week I went to the grocery store, and on a whim, I purchased a cheese ball.

It was a gorgeous cheese ball. Port wine cheese, mottled orange and red, pleasingly symmetrical and encrusted with nuts. 557 more words

Amy Sundberg

The Dating Beat: The Indispensability of Facebook

Facebook is an amazing social tool. I know a lot of us love to hate it, and it has its problems, but we don’t leave for a reason, that reason being its extreme usefulness. 727 more words

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