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Neolithic Amber Bear Amulet

This amber bear amulet was found in 1887 in a peat bog near Slupsk. When the figure was examined it turned out to be the amulet of a bear hunter, originating from the Neolithic period.

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The Greeks believed blue repels vampires and other spirits.
They painted blue around doorways and windows to prevent vampires from entering their house.

Blue is also the most common color of the evil eye protection amulet. 7 more words


take an iron nail rusted by time and rain

on a dark night ♦ moonless ♦ cloudy

set down this rusted nail upon a small flat stone and with an iron hammer strike it thrice… 262 more words

Magickal Arts

‘The Story of Amulet’ by E. Nesbit

“There were once four children who spent their summer holidays in a white house, happily situated between a sandpit and a chalkpit….”

The Story of the Amulet written by E.Nesbit is a classic time-travel adventure. 210 more words

Book Reviews (FaB 2)

The Power of Objects

What could speak more clearly about mankind’s insecurities than the power invested in objects, from the pagan amulet to the scrap of the wood of the true cross to the lucky interview pants. 1,109 more words