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I feel I must advise you...

…that few things in this world are funnier than a tap dancing chimpanzee.


Die Bestimmung: Kapitel 37-39

If you’re not sure what’s going on in this post, read the introduction here. If you want the vocabulary I’ve collected from the book, … 755 more words


Ice (Clarity: Book Two) Published TODAY!

March 27th, 2015: Ice (Clarity: Book Two) has been published on Amazon!

Ren Grant has finally escaped the Doctors, but not as a free woman. She is captured and imprisoned by Cecelia Laine, Captain of the spaceship Clarity, mere days before Cecelia is set to emigrate from Earth. 271 more words


Announcing my Theme for the #AtoZChallenge 2015

Apparently I am late to the party this year. For some unknown reason, I am about a week behind everybody else this month. My brain refuses to accept that today is 27th March. 354 more words

Random Musings

Fangirl and proud of it.

I must say the coolest thing about being an author is knowing other authors. First and foremost, I’m a reader and a fan of writers. And when I say I’m a fan, I mean embarrassingly so. 943 more words


I Don't Have to Like What's "Popular"?

Steven Spielberg will direct the Ready Player One movie, based on the novel. I had seen this title come up a few times for good post-apocalyptic fiction. 713 more words

Kindness is Contagious. More #50ActsofKindness

 Okay. so I don’t have time to write a full blog post because I am spreading the word on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all the usual suspects. 49 more words