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38. Summertime Sadness

After a two-month hiatus, I have finally regained free time, a flood of it. This last extended period of absence has been jam-packed by a graduating thesis, its defence, last-minute travels, packing, bureaucratic lines, family, heartbreaking dinners and goodbye drinks. 302 more words

Among 1.3 Billion

35. One of Those Days

Find a comfortable bench to sit down.

Put in those earphones.

Select Some Other Place by Arcade Fire.

And press play.

Today’s AQI was a healthy 87. 364 more words

Among 1.3 Billion

33. Friday Night Rain

Last Friday night, Beijing served up one of its rare wet weather phenomena.

That’s right, it rained in the desert.

My friend and I were caught in the middle of it, cycling back while the droplets pelted us down. 439 more words

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