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The first great victory of the Ottoman Empire was a defeat of the Byzantine army near Nicomedia, at Bapheus, in 1302. The last was the defeat of British imperial and French forces on the Gallipoli peninsula, April 25 1915 to January 9 1916. 

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Baltimore Police Union Boss Inflames Tension With ‘Lynch Mob’ Remark; ‘Rough Ride’ Alleged - The Root

Ryan heaped fuel on an already tense situation when he said protesters were acting “like a lynch mob,” as he vigorously defended the police officers involved in Gray’s brutal arrest that resulted in his death. 250 more words


New York's subway and street art

NYC has a lot of great art and you don’t need to visit a museum to see some of it. Like in many other cities, the street art scene is quite alive and became part of people’s everyday lives. 57 more words