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Scrappy Florida Distillery Nets Big Award For Ultimate Handcrafted Rye Whiskey

The American Distilling Institute, one of the primary voices for the craft distilling movement here in the United States, recently wrapped up its 2015 conference in Louisville, Kentucky… 279 more words

American Whiskey

While Not Quite A Moonshine Moon Shot, This Whiskey Is Nonetheless Heading Into Space

I will admit even before I type the rest of the story you are about to read I find this to be a bit hokey. That being said, … 332 more words

American Whiskey

Feisty Spirits Embraces Its Namesake In Attitude Towards Whiskey

Feisty Spirits was founded in 2012 by Jamie Gulden and David Monahan in the college town of Ft. Collins, Colorado, about an hour north of Denver. 784 more words


3 Whiskey Cocktails Perfect For Warm Weather Drinking

My only gripe as the sun begins to peak out of the clouds here in Seattle, Washington and as the temperatures rise is the lack of whiskey cocktails I see on bar menus. 394 more words

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Inspired by Real American Ingenuity - Knob Creek

Like the Bulleit Rye Whiskey that I have grown fond of, the Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a Pre-Prohibition inspired Whiskey that will quite literally kick you in the throat…in a good way. 311 more words


Old Forester 86 Review

I suspect our frequent caterwauling on paying more for less and why that is, you know, bad, is falling on deaf ears. And maybe that’s okay. 366 more words

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Could Jack Daniel Someday Have His Own Commemorative Stamp?

The Jack Daniel’s Distillery has been blessed with marketing genius almost from its humble beginnings. One publicity move after another have drawn celebrities of all genres and international attention. 341 more words

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