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What is a Credit Score and Do you really Need one?

A credit score is a score that society is led to believe that we all need one to advance in society. If you never take any debt out, you never have a credit score. 393 more words

Deep Debt

Father Knows Jack

“Your writing, Boy,
Won’t make a dime.
Listen up, Son,
It’s a waste of time!”

“I tell ya, Kid,
Ya twist them rhymes.
They just might work, 6 more words


Truth, Justice ..... and the American way?



Justice is such a noble ideal, and is considered part of the bedrock foundation of our society.  From our founding documents to our pop culture, Americans feel confident that we have the finest system of justice in the world.  

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Introducing: Ada Diaz!

Please join us in welcoming ADA DIAZ to the Orion team.  She joined us in December as a part-time bilingual teller at our American Way Branch.  192 more words


A Tear for Lady Liberty

American tears continue to shed for Paris.

While the American people stand in solidarity with the people of France, where in the world were our own leaders when a million strong marched in Paris in support of Charlie Hebdo and freedom of expression? 21 more words

American Way

Honey I Got the Job!

Watch how quickly the Republicans take credit for the improving economy while ignoring the fact that the tea party infused obstructionist policies delayed our recovery several agonizing years. 30 more words

Middle Class

Is it an Offense to Offend?

Being offended doesn’t mean going on the offensive.

In the same breath, publishing a controversial cartoon is not an offense.

The devastating, bloody massacre at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris is offensive to those who cherish freedom of expression. 871 more words

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