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The Young Entrepreneur, Conclusion

by Stephen Halpert

Jerry rented a limo to drive himself and Mary Jane to the Junior Prom. She was especially impressed when they stopped for a seafood dinner on their way to the festivities. 880 more words


We must reject the idea ...

that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
– Ronald Reagan

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The Young Entrepreneur, Part 1

by Stephen Halpert

When Jerry saw the ad for the magic mirror he grinned. “Wow, this looks like something I could really use.” It was advertised in… 893 more words


The Signet Ring

by Stephen Halpert

Although Tom had lived next door to Herb and his wife Dolores for nearly two years, he had connected with them only briefly. 886 more words


Muslim Brotherhood's Self-Inflicted Wound, Part II

Gideon: Hey, Veracity, did you hear the great news about Grover Norquist being investigated by the NRA?

Veracity: Yes! I was overjoyed to hear that! It’s about time someone put that guy out in the public and exposed him. 596 more words

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Fake Fraudulent Website Warnings?

Does your computer security program block sites and warn you against visiting possibly fraudulent sites when you try to access them? Mine does. Strangely, the sites it warns me about are all conservative sites, or sites that are firearm related businesses. 105 more words


What Are American Values?

Americans have the chance tobegin the world all over again”                                                                                          Thomas Paine, 1737 – 1809, Common Sense

As I reported in my… 280 more words

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