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Which Sides Are You On?

Americans are ambivalent about public unions.  In early industrial capitalism, all the power lay with employers. There were always more people seeking work than there were jobs, while state and local governments were there for the buying. 596 more words

The Economy

Inequality 4.

By and large, in recent years the upper income groups have collected most of the profits from economic growth while everyone else has lived with stagnant incomes. 559 more words

The Economy

7 - David Bowie: I'm Afraid of Americans

For when the United States is invading your country (or you’re just bemused by American politics)…

In the accompanying music video, a paranoid Bowie sees invisible guns everywhere as he’s tormentedly chased throughout New York by a rather creepy Trent Reznor. 32 more words


We Do?

Do we ever feel like one person in our own bodies, but then see ourselves (in photos, videos) and think: “But…..that’s not who I thought I was?”  Our body language, the way our personalities play across our faces. 1,347 more words

Contemplative Essays

Our Kids.

A new book by the Harvard political scientist Robert D. Putnam has instantly attracted attention (and criticism from the left), so it will be much in the news for a while. 570 more words

The Economy

An Essay on American Society: No care for the Doctor, love for the star.

American society is said to be a dream come true – you can wear what you want, do what you want, eat what you want, etc. 807 more words