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What Doesn't Kill You Makes A Fighter

Friday nights this month are American Waltz. Apparently lots of people really like Waltz, because more people than I am used to seeing have been attending these classes with us. 1,646 more words


Smooth Sunday - A Birthday Surprise For a Special Friend @serenepingu 🐧

Today, my lovely friend Serene turns 30 (even though she only looks about 12 – lucky thing) & as a special Birthday treat, I did some undercover detective work earlier on this week, looking a little like this guy (but less fluffy) to find out what her favourite American Smooth was. 145 more words


One Skip Ahead Of My Doom

When I finally recovered from being sick, I was glad that there was a lot of dance activity going on to help me get back into the swing of things. 1,917 more words


Smooth Sunday - 101 Reasons to Read this Post (most of them are fluffy!)

We’ve gone a little Disney mad over the last few days and today’s Smooth Sunday fix is no exception. You all know how the saying goes never work with animals or children. 301 more words


Shine Bright Like A Diamond

 So, I must admit that I came down with some version of the Death Plague that’s been going around, and I haven’t done much but sleep the last week or so to try and get over it. 1,996 more words


Smooth Sunday - A Spellbinding Birthday Treat!

Today is my birthday and today I’ve been opening presents, enjoying being spoilt rotten and I’ve officially hit the age that our couples all aspire to reach on every performance. 198 more words


Time, But A Curve In Space

So, I’m going to start off this week reporting that I did end up going to the Waltz workshop last weekend at the Endless Dance Hall. 1,894 more words