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Politcal reporting is about WHY things go bang, not WHEN : Mark Mardell

by Elizabeth Archer

Reporting politics isn’t about when things go bang, but why they go bang in the first place, according to a veteran BBC presenter. 365 more words

Netanyahu Addresses Congress: The beauty of American Democracy, and What it means to Nigeria and the rest of the World

Do not bother yourself about the title. This is going to be a very short one. I watched Netanyahu give his speech before the 114th congress of the United States. 155 more words

Where is the resistance to Obama's tyranny?

Everyday I am more astonished at what is happening in the US and Barack Obama’s apparently unstoppable abuse of the presidency. I have always believed that the US had an almost perfect system of govt, with inbuilt checks and balances to prevent the growth of tyranny. 271 more words

American Politics

Term Limits

As the next election looms closer, we should consider whether or not term limits should be imposed. Since our country was founded, there have been two fundamental schools of thought regarding presidential term limits. 495 more words

American Politics

My 2016 Dilemma

All across America, Republicans are thinking and debating over who should gain their support as the 2016 Presidential Cycle ramps up – and there are some very good candidates out there. 1,047 more words

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1. Gator

2. Phone Thief

3. Arsonist Dance

4. Arsonist 2

5. Redneck Road Rage

6. Road Rage 2

7. ATM Explosion

American Politics

#ELTM #Israel #Iran #Terror #tcot Supporting Bibi Couldn't Be More Important 

The Israeli Prime Minister has an obligation to protect his country, the Middle East’s only true democracy, from Iran, which calls openly for its annihilation. … 9 more words