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Social Darwinists & Conservative Capitalists are Fucking Idiots, here is why...

Yes, there will always be a few pieces of shit at the bottom of society but if we are all at the bottom despite doing everything we were supposed to, something smells rotten in the state of Denmark. 47 more words


Bobby Jindal - Vote Him OFF the Island

by DK

The Republicans clearly have a problem when it comes to the 2016 Presidential Election.  They have too  many candidates and/or potential candidates on the island. 525 more words

2016 Presidential Election

Walker Says He May Skip Florida Primary

On Tuesday, May 26 likely Republican presidential candidate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker went on the Laura Ingraham radio show to discuss his game plan for the fast approaching Republican primaries. 449 more words

American Politics

On meeting Nixon.

On meeting Nixon, he made me smile
Promoting values when all the while
He was taking liberties, obsessed with control
Burglar’s linked to him, caught by a police patrol… 79 more words


A Keynesian World

“In the long run, we are all dead.” – John Maynard Keynes

For 50 years there has been an effort to find an alternative to or discredit Keynesianism in economics but more so in politics.

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Here’s Why knowing Daniel’s character can help pick political candidates in 2016. Apply these characteristics and avoid the disaster that’s become, President Barack H Obama’s legacy ( 565 more words

Facts Only

Is Hillary Clinton for Sale?

Several weeks ago, during an episode of Road to the White House discussing Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio, Red Millennial’s assistant editor Garrett Humbertson, asked the question “Is Hillary Clinton for sale?” 413 more words

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