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There are FOUR Political Traditions in America

An infamous Frenchman named Tocqueville toured America nearly 200 years ago. He wrote about the American political culture in great detail.

He expounds four major political traditions that Americans all subscribe to on some level. 146 more words

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News, propaganda, and party loyalty!

CONTROVERSY LEVEL: Probably a 10 of 10.

It’s about as controversial as I can get I suppose. This topic is what causes most of the conflict between people when discussing politics (in the American context anyway). 3,354 more words


A Weekend at Bernie's? Maybe we should hit the Jim, instead

Rarely am I one to read either Daily Kos or that most eminent economist of the Grey Lady’s, but a Facebook friend shared this, and I went for it like a bluegill for bacon fat. 1,892 more words

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There is a lot to be said about race relations in America. With protests and riots sparking up in various states is clear that there is a problem. 790 more words

The Fight

Who is the Undisclosed Conservative?

As the title of this blog suggests, I am choosing to keep my personal identity private. The reasoning for that is simple: my current position in my career leaves me in a place where I can’t really discuss politics. 192 more words

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The Myth of Campaign Finance Reform

Would any sensible school allow students the right to create the rules of conduct during test-taking?

Would we allow the mob carte-blanche power over the laws on racketeering, murder, and bribery; then expect them to be unbiased and honest laws? 843 more words

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Media progressives cannot be won over says Rush

Rush Limbaugh declared yesterday that any attempt to win over media liberals with reason was doomed to failure. He says they’re immune to logic and only have their own mission in mind, and that is to spread the gospel of progressivism and discredit anyone who opposes it. 610 more words

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