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'A Long Day's Dying' by William Eastlake

A Long Day’s Dying by William Eastlake, 1963

The magic trick:

Separating the action into two separate, coexisting scenes

I don’t think Eastlake is doing anything particularly complicated here, but it’s still a magic trick worth noting. 218 more words


Weekend stories: The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemingway

THE MARVELLOUS THING IS THAT IT’S painless,” he said. “That’s how you know when it starts.”

“Is it really?”

“Absolutely. I’m awfully sorry about the odor though. 9,337 more words


Revisiting guest classic authors. Any suggestions for future guests?

Hi all:
As those of you who’ve been following me for a while will remember, recently I revisited my first post. I’ve also been thinking of some of the posts that I (and you, my readers) have enjoyed since I started blogging, and I’ve realised I really enjoyed the posts I created about authors that have become classics. 1,335 more words

Guest Authors. Classics

Bone Vol. 5: Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border

Smiley is shown pointing out Fone’s process of making a sandwich to the cub rat creature whilst Fone sulked. He then telling Smiley they couldn’t linger in the woods much longer, needing to return to town soon for running out of food. 1,784 more words

Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children

First story starts with the Debbies and Helga thinking she fits into society and was a source of entertainment for the Debbies which made Helga want to get even with them whilst the Debbies wanted to quash any hope Helga had of believing she could coexist socially with others. 729 more words



We are immediately thrust into the packing of the Narrator to join his buddy, Jack on a road trip to wine country before getting married in ten days and whilst this trip was over the Narrator’s budget, he needed the vacay due to his stressed reactions to living in L.A.; (I can relate), this all happening on a Friday and each Chapter stating the day we are witnessing. 5,977 more words


The Martian Chronicles

After reading Bradbury Stories, I realize I’ve read a few sections of this novel which hopefully doesn’t affect the story. We begin with seeing how everyone is dealing with winter until “rocket summer” begins, which literally means rockets will be launched and make everything warmer. 6,189 more words

Sci-Fi, Fantasy