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Esteemed thinker: William H. Seward

Predicting the future; is it an art or is it a scam? There are people who make their living by claiming they can tell the future using such means as: reading tea leaves, examining “life lines” on a hand, or making predictions with the help of Tarot cards. 521 more words


Children Stories, Rush Limbaugh, and American Liberty

Dinner Topics for Monday

Rush Limbaugh Stories for Children:

Time-Travel to the American Revolution on their Magic Horse, Liberty

YouTube video

We’re so excited about this. 

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Judeo-Christian Culture

What It Means To Be A Black American On Independence Day

“I remember you was conflicted, misusing your influence..”

Having a sense of patriotism to the country we call America can be fleeting.

After all, as a millennial and an African-American (with sprinkles of West Indian and Puerto Rican seeds), I can unapologetically say I’ve felt proud to be an American about four times in my life. 494 more words


The First Country to Recognize America

Where is the oldest US diplomatic property still in use and America’s first piece of foreign real estate?

Surprise! It’s in Morocco.

When United States of America was a young country (its thumb sucking phase), few recognized it as a nation because they were afraid to piss off Britain. 676 more words

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Love and Marriage: The Independence Day Edition

Monday Morning Musings

In the United States, the 4th of July is a national holiday. It’s the commemoration of the day Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence and ordered that it be printed. 424 more words

Our CORNELIUS JORDAN...related to whom?

During the first few months of 2011 I was using classic genealogy tools/protocols.  I could easily trace to our CORNELIUS JORDAN of WAKE who fought for the North Carolina 31st Infantry during the Civil War.   1,344 more words

North Carolina Genealogy