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Minor Threat - Betray

Straight-edge Hardcore from Washington DC here. The band don’t really need any introductions, so just get your skateboards out and carry on.


punk purity and punk hybridity

Good morning, Clash-o-philes, and other readers, and a special welcome to folks tuning in this week from Indonesia, Poland, Israel and Italy.

It’s been ages since I read academic writing, even in its most accessible form, but I’m quite enjoying PFMB by Barry Shank. 229 more words

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Zero Boys (1982) Vicious Circle LP

Zero Boys

Vicious Circle

Produced by Zero Boys & John Helms

Good Shit *****


These Hoosiers were clearly coming out of mid-70s NYC underground, specifically the Ramones, the Dictators, some NY Dolls snotty pop swagger mixed with 80s hardcore, scrawny punk-boy vocals with a killer muscular driving rhythm, powerpop laced with benzedrine, production tight as a noose, not a weak moment.   43 more words

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