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'Jurassic World'

Jurassic World is exactly what you would expect – a templated script, an obvious storyline and some darn fine special effects. And there’s plenty of references to the previous films from a decade ago to create links rather than try to ignore the fate of the previous theme park (although it’s not crucial to have seen these earlier films). 45 more words


Seraphim Falls (USA, 2007)

Directed by: David Von Ancken. Liam and Pierce in cowboy hats—why not? Placing this movie on the Neeson Continuum, the Neeson Meter, the Neeson Venn Diagram, what have you, I have to place it a bit lower than the last one I saw, … 391 more words

Noah (USA, 2014)

Directed by: Darren Aronofsky. Already on paper, this is a pretty hilarious and strangely cool movie in its basics: It’s a big modern Hollywood retelling of the Noah’s Arc story, full of modern CGI apocalypse sequences, disturbing Abraham-ish infanticidal overtones, and—why not?—a bunch of talking CGI rock monsters. 1,183 more words

How Film Writing Works in the 21st Century

Step 1: Come up with an angle from which to promote the film and ensure that said angle features prominently in all pre-release promotional materials including fan-oriented press releases and interviews with talent. 1,992 more words


Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (USA, 2015)

Directed by: Alex Gibney. After reading this proper review, written by somebody who actually did the research and read the book, I’m embarrassed to say that I took the bait of this movie and swallowed it whole. 327 more words

'Woman in Gold'

Pedestrian, characterless and emotionless, Woman in Gold is a majorly disappointing telling of an extraordinary story.

Even Oscar-winning Helen Mirren (The Queen, Gosford Park… 39 more words



By avoiding building the comedy around the ineptitude of new-in-the-field agent Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, The Heat), Spy is, at times, extremely funny. Who cares if it’s a long way from originality (Bond films are essentially the recycling of, what, three or four storylines?). 111 more words