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Potter’s Raid, April 25, 1865: After 23 days and 300 miles, the raiders return to Georgetown

The Civil War might be winding down in the last week of April 1865, but Brigadier-General Edward E. Potter’s provisional division was still in the field, though marching back to the coast from a successful raid reaching the Sand Hills of South Carolina. 689 more words

American Civil War

Confederate Gray, Firelight, & Home

Last week we read about a Union soldier looking at his “long road” beyond Appomattox. Today, we’ll take the Southern point of view. The war was over, but the Confederates had lost. 943 more words

American Civil War

Secretary Mallory, April 24, 1865: "But the Confederacy is conquered; its days are numbered"

On April 23, 1865, the Confederate Cabinet, then meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, discussed the proposition from General Joseph E. Johnston to surrender his armies.  The cabinet saw no other option but allowing Johnston to accept the terms (the terms as arranged through April 18, which were, at this moment 150 years ago, being invalidated by Federal authorities. 1,400 more words

American Civil War

Remembering Confederates at Forest Park

Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri, is a favorite spot of mine in the downtown area. The park is more than 1,300 acres and houses some of the city’s most popular destinations, including the St. 704 more words


A Most Un-Civil War

The American Civil War is often described as a conflict that pitted ‘brother against brother.’  There were certainly many instances of such divided families, none more prominent, perhaps, than that of Abraham Lincoln’s own wife.  877 more words

April 21, 1865: "... making fair contracts in writing with the people to cultivate the land..." in South Carolina

On April 21, 1865, there were several matters competing for Major-General Quincy Gillmore’s attention. The day before Gillmore received word of Major-General William T. Sherman’s truce with General Joseph E. 1,215 more words

American Civil War

Sam Jones: Call out the militia "against deserters, and to retain and maintain proper subordination among the slaves"

On April 20, 1865, Major-General Samuel Jones, commanding the Confederate District of Florida, responded to a request from the Governor of Florida, A. K. Allison, for more troops to defend homes and property of the citizens of Florida: 717 more words

American Civil War