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52 Ancestors Challenge - Commencement

COMMENCEMENT – the act or instance of commencing; beginning.

Eliza Jane Hulvey (b:5 April 1832  d:25 March 1885) was the 13th and last child born to Philip and Amelia (Walters) Hulvey of Augusta County, Virginia.  

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Good friends, great events

The recent Civil War era event at the Orange Empire Railway Museum was a lovely return to a cozy location. The Museum (started by 13 teenagers who wanted to save a streetcar) includes rail cars, engines, locomotives and streetcars from all over California, as well as one of the last remaining train depot stations from the early California railway (circa 1880s). 338 more words

Civil War

State Troops and Volunteers

Yesterday a patron was looking for a book in the local history room and said, “I saw it here twenty years ago!”  Well it turned out that the reference copy had been absconded with before I got here but we still had one in the NCNF circulating collection. 211 more words

[VIDEO] 5 Rifles that won World War II

Thank you to all who have served and those currently serving in the Armed Forces. In honor of Memorial Day, Jim discusses 5 iconic rifles used in battle by the United States Military.

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Hidden Heroes of the Civil War

Butchers. “Sawbones.” Those were some of the nicknames for Civil War doctors. Did they deserve them? How have these names clouded our understanding of these individuals? 1,118 more words

American Civil War

Now is the time for a Culpeper Battlefields Park - Brandy Station, Cedar Mountain, and others

Back in the 1990s, I would often transit Northern Georgia on weekends.  During those trips, I would make every effort to seek out the battlefields of 1863 and 1864.  627 more words

American Civil War

The American Civil War Ended 150 Years Ago Today - as good an anniversary as any.

The American Civil War (USA-CSA War,  “War of Northern Aggression”? etc. etc.) did not have one all defining end date.

There are various options and various 150th anniversaries which have come and gone and which are currently going… 933 more words