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The dead battery test goes on, Over 1000 hours of operation

After 1008 hours of operation with a dead battery the LightSaver flashlight  is still operational having never been shut off. That works out to .000000561 Amps or 560 uA power so far and please note this calculation is based on a new battery  so the actual current  flow would be far less on a dead battery.


Cheating at math

I have noticed that you people still have a problem understanding the jest of this circuit.  That is to be expected as it operates the opposite of most. 333 more words


Photonic transfer results

I was conducting lighting a solar cell with a single LED at 90% brightness and came up with the following results:

  • 6 volt .5 Watt (80mA) rated on package  Catalog #: 2770046 ( Radio Shack )
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One month and going strong !

Well the LightSaver has been going for 30 days and is still going strong as the battery voltage is about 8.6 volt so it has no signs of loss. 108 more words


Electrons losing their way

The latest video that shows negative current flow.


Still cooking, still negative current flow

I left the lightsaver hooded up overnight and still have a negative current flow of 20 – 42 uA. and that is an interesting phenomenon. With no oscilloscope to see what is going on it is impossible to know why. 16 more words


Where the electrons grow

I have been working on the lightsaver  for over 2 years and until recently I could only wonder where the extra electrons came from ( current flow to the LED’s ). 309 more words