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Thomas B. Edsall: Has American Business Lost Its Mojo?

New York Times: Over the past three decades, the American economy has become less vigorous. An extensive body of evidence shows that the public focus on the success of high-tech companies like Apple and Google masks an overall downward trend in key measures of business vitality. 108 more words


Light Saver Version 0.4a

I currently am constructing a revised light saver using a delta torrid from a TV with very promising results. The increased mass builds a lot stronger magnetic field with lower power consumption and should operate about 10000 LED’s on 400-500 uA at 100% output of light so that would light an entire house  on 110 mWatts for 24 hours. 36 more words


In Andrew Weissmann, The DOJ Makes a Stunningly Bad Choice for Crucial Role

Just when one thinks things can’t get any worse in the Department of Corrupting and Obstructing Justice, Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, Leslie Caldwell, brings back her long-time protégé and comrade Andrew Weissmann. 875 more words

Sunset on a Photo Store

I know it happens. And, if it means anything, the spaces next door are vacant too. Business generally seems good in town. It was just a lousy location. 13 more words


A Second First Step

Back in my day…They used to call it the Economic News. Sometime in the ‘80’s the Economic News transformed into the Business News. Same subject matter – different emphasis. 291 more words

American Politics

Negotiations and The Art of Losing


you know WHAT you are doing and WHY you are doing it!!

Which means, there is a time to “win” and a time to “lose…” which is part of what Pete Seeger was trying to tell us back in the 50’s in his song; … 684 more words

American Language Study

American Business Launch

Work from Home but operate your business in the U.S. The best business opportunities are in America so setup your very own U.S. company, U.S. bank account and sell your goods and services to the World’s largest economy. 15 more words