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This season's style is all about the Broad City, Ilana look. Just ask American Apparel

So American Apparel is in hot water yet again, regarding it’s use of disparaging vernacular for women (shocker, I know). What I find interesting is that photo attached to their pro-diversity Facebook response, is clearly going hard for the Ilana, Broad City look (down to the outta control curly hair), so be prepared for midriff baring crop tops and high waisted shorts this spring and summer. 102 more words


American Apparel Has Apologized For A Leaked Casting Email Seeking 'Real Models,' Not 'Instagram Hoes'

American Apparel has always been known for its sexually suggestive advertising, which in the past has typically featured amateur models or even employees. The nature of the company’s ads can be attributed to former CEO and American Apparel founder Dov Charney, who allegedly carried on sexual relationships with many of the young women who worked for him. 320 more words

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American Apparel Just Can't Seem to Get it Together; Lululemon's Un-zen-like Projections; Population Popularity


Looks like American Apparel has some legal troubles, yet again. Only this time it’s not because of ex-CEO and founder, Dov Charney (sort of), who is apparently still trying to get his job back. 507 more words

American Apparel Says No Thots & Instagram H*es?

American Apparel’s new CEO vowed that the brand would be less sexual—something that has gotten American Apparel in a lot of trouble over the years. But if you know American Apparel not much has changed. 64 more words


American Apparel Founder Dov Charney Under Investigation By SEC

Any hope founder of American Apparel Dov Charney had of returning to the company may have gone out the window this week, after it was revealed that the Securities and Exchange Commission opened an inquiry into the circumstances leading to his departure. 257 more words

Cognitive Dissonance: The most beautiful of the brain dances

You might have to give me some time to finish at least one book about neurology b4 i start writing this one, lol. But I will begin with the visuals!

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