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Depth before Dishonor

As we mark the birth of our nation’s independence this July 4th traditionally we do so with family gatherings, barbecues, fireworks and beer. I plan to do the same and think it is a wonderful way to celebrate this great holiday. 783 more words

Founding Fathers

giddy-up: 37

Not that anyone is paying attention to this blog page (as if the author gives a tinkers damn), but thought to add a comment concerning the aspect of dying to live, as that is reserved for those dying for Jehovah, not Satan. 9 more words

July 4th & Just Some Thoughts

We are sitting here, watching news before heading out with some of our kids to watch fireworks. We love fireworks and picnics. It is truly one of the most fun activities that I look forward to every summer. 630 more words

Daily Thoughts

Ain't that America

This happened. Really. Here’s the story: In honor of John (Cougar) Mellencamp’s release of “Pink Houses” back in 1984, MTV gave away a house in Bloomington, Indiana. 339 more words


830 AM WEEU: Business Report for July 2, 2015

By Samuel Botwinick
July 2, 2015

First appeared on http://weeu.com

In this business update, I discuss one of America’s biggest financial flaws.

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