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Los Angeles 

So we’ve spent our last few days in LA!
We went to Hollywood Boulevard, saw the Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood sign and had our first taste of American food and portion sizes! 139 more words


I finally arrived!

Hi readers,

Well at first saying goodbye is never nice, but this is what we had to do. I don’t like saying goodbye, even though I know it’s not forever, but it always hurts. 491 more words


Entry 16: Climbing the Whitewall

Location: Marysville, WA

Brewery:  Whitewall Brewing

Reason: MORE BEER!

After our brief stop at Skookum it was time to take on the Whitewall.  Legends tell us the mysterious Whitewall rises out of the depths of Marysville and very few have been able to conquer it.   184 more words


The Social Cost of Being Overweight

An aspect of obesity those who are normal weights might not automatically appreciate is how it affects ones social life. In addition to contributing to all kinds of health problems, obesit also has the tendency to isolate a person in depression, decrease the depth of intimacy he/she enjoys in many interpersonal relationships, and weaken dating opportunities. 1,911 more words

Buried Child

Every time my brother comes home from school he sits on the family room couch on his laptop watching TV as my mother stands in the kitchen happily cleaning and I putter about picking up slack from the corner of the room where the cockroaches are trying on tufts of my bleached blonde hair and dancing around my mother’s forgotten ear adornment–the infinite silver ranunculus that longs to be placed in a pocket of heaven, a pocket of American clean.   126 more words


Federal Appeals Court Sides with Texas – Deals Blow to Obama’s Illegal Amnesty | Freedom Outpost

In another blow to the illegal actions of Barack Hussein Obama, the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, in a 2-1 ruling, upheld an injunction by US District Judge Andrew Hanen against the implementation of Obama’s illegal amnesty. 327 more words


Prominent Lt. General Tells Dave Hodges of the Coming Civil War - Dave Hodges - The Common Sense ShowDave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

H/T Jeanette H.

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to speak to the Chino Valley, AZ. chapter of the Oathkeepers. I came away convinced that I shared a room, for 90 minutes, with people who grasp the importance of the times that we are living in and these former law enforcement and military personnel are dedicated to convincing today’s LEO’s and military to not take up arms against the American people when ordered to do so. 534 more words

Signs Of The Times