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I Wrote a Rap Song

Of the most unlikely sentences that I could utter (or write), “I wrote a rap song” would surely make the Top Ten List — mine and everyone else’s. 1,182 more words


Flat Jackie

At some point last night, as I tried valiantly to meet the demands of my customers — an act which feels, more and more, like a Sisyphean endeavor — I took a few precious seconds to observe my co-workers. 556 more words


Worth a Shot

There are times when I can be strident, possibly too strident. For example, in a recent post (“The Scarlet Letter”) I suggested (okay, I outright recommended) that parents who chose not to protect their children, through immunization, against disease should be forced to wear a “Scarlet Letter”. 1,698 more words


The Scarlet Letter

There is always something to get “worked up” about — always. If you want to know what the cause of the day, the week, or the month is, all you need to do is to check your Facebook or your Twitter feeds. 1,106 more words

Ambling & Rambling

Save the Introductions!

Recently I have noticed an “uptick” in folks introducing themselves to me when I come to the table. They must have read somewhere — probably on the internet — that this is a sure-fire way to create an atmosphere of instant camaraderie — one that will result in better service. 686 more words


You Can't Make This Stuff Up: "Needy Numpty"

I have to share with you the latest insanity that I was forced to deal with down at “The Annoying Bar & Grill”, my most recent encounter with, yet another, “Needy Numpty”. 1,850 more words


And "The Idiot of the Night" Award goes to...

It was busy last night down at “The Annoying Bar & Grill” — and about to become even busier — Friday night busy for a Wednesday night staff; that kind of busy. 2,940 more words