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As artificial intelligence increasingly makes many jobs obsolete, success in the future will belong to those able to tolerate ambiguity in their work.

Too many recent graduates, however, approach their job descriptions the way they did a syllabus in college-as a recipe for winning in a career.

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Ethics of Title for Satire articles: "Open Letter" Reflexive Case Study

See https://thematicsatire.wordpress.com/2015/06/27/the-fastidious-liberators-open-letter-from-the-dead-comparing-both-versions-reflections-later/

In the 27 June blog post just linked to at the beginning of this post you are reading (1 July 2015), I began by postinga link to the later reworked version (www.glossynews.com) of the “Open Letter from the Dead Article.” 1,181 more words

'To be mad, or not to be sane'- Hamlet's confounding "madness"

Hamlet’s mental state has long been analysed by critics, with scrutiny as sharp as a newly sharpened pencil; it has long been discussed in hushed whispers by an audience fearful that Hamlet could indeed be- do I dare say it?- … 352 more words


Daily Riches: A Confusion of Images and Myths (Thomas Merton)

“Paul’s view of the ‘elements’ and the ‘powers of the air’ was couched in the language of the cosmology of his day. Translated into the language of our own time, I would say these mysterious realities are to be sought where we least expect them, not in what is remote and mysterious, but in what is most familiar, what is near at hand, what is at our elbow all day long – what speaks or sings in our ear, and practically does our thinking for us. 374 more words


Loving Language

(Image Source: http://www.posttypography.com/illustration/language-changed-by-the-internet/ with original credit due the New York Times)

I love this picture, the fingerprints erasing and expanding, reshaping and redefining, demonstrating that the very act of engaging with language changes the very shape of language. 731 more words


'I am your father ...'

While I was preparing another post (which I might complete some time soon), its topic brought to mind the line in the movie Space Balls… 186 more words