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Where Do I Begin? Where Can I Begin? How Do I Write, Again? Begin, again, begin, again, JUST WRITE SOMETHING ALREADY

I suffer from the great generational problem that baby boomers rigidly shame millennials for: having inexhaustible yet wasted potential.

It isn’t, and never has been, my intention to waste this potential. 303 more words


March 25th, 2015

Sometimes I wish the world had straightforward answers. Other times I’m glad for ambiguity.


Forking Paths and Authentic Travels

In Lit Theory class last year, we had a unit devoted to cinematic theory as explored in David Bordwell’s Poetics of Cinema. Bordwell offers all sort of insightful points about how cinema works, and something I most remember is his discussion of forking paths: 639 more words


What we are.

You idiot

she said.

You think you’re complicated. But you aren’t.  I assume we’re the same. Because I know what we’re and what we’re not and decided to agree to everything, about everything even when there’s nothing.

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Poetry And Writings

Ambiguity and Uncertainty

What do you do when your life is completely turned upside down, thrown you a curveball and just plain scared you? How do you cope when you can’t see the end? 1,183 more words

Channeled Messages

Adored Ambiguity

We have been charmed.  We revel in it.  It captures our interest and imagination like no other quality, plunging our minds into a state of constant suspense.  504 more words


You know

Paint me. 

A face you see fitting

A hue you think suits me

And each painting is different.

Vastly so…

I leave an impression 

As different as a fingerprint 
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