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The Importance of Punctuation

When Ancient Greeks consulted the oracle at Delphi they received, like a modern electorate, ambiguous answers to simple questions.  A soldier’s question “Shall I die in battle” was once answered “You go, you return, not die in battle.” or so the questioner thought. 54 more words

Climate Change


Endless possibility filled the moment
(which happened to be morning) sun
baked me dry and timeless so I became
one with the sky so far… 18 more words


Stages of Faith: Is going from being an Avid Believer to being a Questioning Believer a Good Thing?

Recently, I have come across an idea by a theologian (Fowler) suggesting that in one’s quest for faith, there are different stages that we go through. 4,120 more words


281. Courtesies

A lie in beauty for benevolence
could almost make a happy truth,
the currency of trust and confidence
enacting good acts for the few — 48 more words


interior decorating


matters of the heart

are barely

smoked up rooms

where you lay down your bones

when you’re feeling



I sport wallpaper skin… 58 more words



There are sometimes in your life when you are sitting with yourself and just do nothing.So, where are we when we are just surrounded by people, are together with no one with ourselves. 146 more words



If you ask computers, they will probably name ambiguity as public enemy number one. Ambiguity occurs when a word or expression can mean two or more different things, and you can’t find out which from the word alone – for that, you need the surroundings, or the… 1,255 more words