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Evening Meditation | 23 May 2015

“God’s grace is an alluring, compelling, stunning, and powerful force that invites us to get lost in it.”

Jefferson Bethke

Evening Meditation

I can see the path and I'm walking with power!........

The promise is here!

In a vision I saw me standing. It wasn’t dark but there was no light either. It was a calm atmosphere. There wasn’t to much of anything going on outside of me just standing there. 308 more words

Tears come easily now

It’s not a bad thing. It just “is,” in the tradition of wise speaker and workshop guru Byron Katie.

The tears flow easily down my cheeks when I’m trying to get to sleep or are just waking. 90 more words

Simply Amazing

There are a lot of remarkable things to be amazed by in this world. There are natural wonders like Niagara Falls, modern modes of transport like giant aircraft that take flight and enormous ships that float; rocket ships that reach other planets; and special people like emergency and medical personnel who save lives; soldiers who serve their country, and royalty like Kate who can look perfectly gorgeous in heels a few hours after giving birth to a princess. 695 more words

Real Women

Community Prosperousness

As I arrive at a local meeting recently, that I many years ago helped to begin organizing I am faced with a reality that is actually heartbreaking. 598 more words


Post Office Spitter

This afternoon I visited out local post office. Although I rarely go there, every time I do, it always feels like those small town post offices seen in movies. 493 more words

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