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The world through my lens

No, I’m no photographer. At least not a professional one (I barely go like an amateur one), but I still enjoy taking pictures though.

I like to take pictures occasionally, and there’s not really an intention in them. 164 more words


Album 107 - Intramuros Y Extramuros: Exquisiteness, In and Out of the Walls

These are the pictures I gathered while conquering the Walled City. Feast your eyes to our history. 

For more details on this article, please go to this… 63 more words

Amateur Photography

Bell Peppers

In the U.S. the term sweet pepper covers a wide variety of mild peppers that, like the chile, belong to the capsicum family. The best known sweet peppers are bell peppers, named for their bell-like shape. 103 more words


Cat in Winter Sun

Our big Bud cat, ace sunsoaker, wants to be the headline for a change. He’s tired of being at the tail-end of posts about the creek, or art, or whatever. 159 more words


Nevada Series: Coffee and Neon Signs

Neon signs and cold nights go hand in hand—coffee from a street side café simply completes the whole deal. When I was a single man, I sat solitary in a corner booth or at the bar in such establishments. 425 more words


Color Me Happy

As we round the end of winter, 3 colors have taken over my surroundings: white, gray and brown. It’s pretty bleak out there. This year our bright spring flowers and butterflies are possibly months away (gulp!). 193 more words

New England

Straight From the Shutter - Amateur Photography From our Recent Stint of Snow

This past week or two Georgia had the rare and always welcome experience of some snow fall. With my interest in photography growing more and more in recent times I seized the opportunity as a chance to work with my camera in a way don’t usually get a chance to. 76 more words