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Where's the fun in drawing anymore?

Y’know when you have a strange inkling and then throw a bunch of people from all over the place into a drawing? Well, that was me tonight. 28 more words

Amateur Art

Selfies Frighten Me

I just don’t photograph well and can’t seem to get passed the fact that just about any expression I make comes out goofy. At least I give myself an “A” for effort. 295 more words

Amateur Art

Well, Here I Am

It’s my last week of my first graphic design course and I’m starting to catch on (I think). Anyhow, I really think of myself after all of this as someone who thinks too randomly to be any good at logo design. 86 more words

Amateur Art


Very happy to have sold this painting this week.

It really does feel good to be able to share something with others. I’m one of those fidgety people. 65 more words

Amateur Art