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Losing Memories

Last week I watched Still Alice, a film about a woman diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. She gave a speech towards the middle of the film at the Alzheimer’s Association and her words stuck with me. 646 more words


Some days …I leave … sad ‘n blue
Crocodile tears … missing you
Need resilience … by your side
Strength wanes … emotions collide
My heart’s … stressed … sanity beware… 33 more words

So Much the Same for All of Us

May 23, 2015

One of the hardest parts of dealing with Alzheimer’s or any other sort of dementia is thinking that no one understands what you are dealing with.  372 more words


Not sure I wanted to

Not sure I wanted to go
This weekend is a long one here in the UK as we have a Bank Holiday on Monday. For the first time in a long while both my parents have the whole weekend off, as well as my brother, my sister and her husband. 432 more words

Blog Post

MIL in Meltdown...


Just as I was relaxing this morning (baking a pie) and thinking to myself it’s been a whole week with no MIL / House Manager issues at all… 546 more words


Personal hell.

A friend posted one of those not-quite-a-quiz, click-bait articles on Facebook. This one was The Definition of Hell for Each Meyers-Briggs Personality Type. I’ll cop to sometimes falling victim and clicking through to such things. 293 more words


“Do you think we should set her to sea screaming?”

Alzheimer's Quote Of The Night