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Yes, Oxytocin Makes You More Trusting and Generous. So Does Booze.

“The Moral Molecule.” “The Cuddle Hormone.” If you’ve been paying attention the past few years, you’ve heard about many of the near-magical effects of the hormone oxytocin on the brain.

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I Lost Myself

I was afraid of not fitting in… of not having friends… of being alone.

This fear caused me to turn into someone I’m not.

In the back of my mind, I thought if I simply act like the person they want me to be… I’ll never be alone. 74 more words

What Lies Beneath

Women, neighbours

flat screen glows

shattered window blows

children in care somewhere

paying her way out

giving out offers for

mother’s day photos

at the family park… 27 more words

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Managers should balance self-interest and altruism

Multiple studies confirm: Greedy CEOs are bad for business

That gut feeling many workers, laborers and other underlings have about their CEOs is spot on, according to three recent studies in the Journal of Management, the Journal of Management Studies and the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies that say CEO greed is bad for business. 106 more words

Behavioral Economics

School = Happiness.

I’ve been pretty dismayed with the direction my life has taken for a while. There is very little in the way of joy, and what little there is, feels like more of a release of pain than a celebration of emotional heights. 561 more words

Altruism and Responsibility

What’s stopping us to become total altruists more than subsequent personal responsiblity?