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Someone really should make an EZ Pass app that uses our location devices on your smartphone. This way you don’t need a bulky patch on your windshield… plus a number of other obvious conveniences.


Independence Day… a day when a group of staunch believers in Personal Freedom, fought & bled & died… but won an impossible war & declared their independence from a tyrannical government full of greed & selfishness & oppression. 50 more words


I am here only to be truly helpful

and to resist biting the inside of my cheeks
when I find myself on the shore of contempt… 59 more words

Control Your Emotions

If I can control my feelings in some situations… then I can control them in all situations.

For example: if someone calls me a jerk… I’m not too worried about it, I let it role off my back. 55 more words


What does each human deserve?
This is a hard question to answer. ┬áIn general, of course we can answer the question like this…

As per the United States of American’s Declaration of Independence… 1,354 more words

Enriching Our Lives

Inspired by- Sir Nicholas Winton

July 1, 2015- one of my heroes passed away… a gentleman I’ve never met, but for whom I feel great admiration and respect… Sir Nicholas Winton… 1,391 more words

A Beautiful Teaparty

Tweedledum and Tweedledee, in a fit of uncontrollable laughter, rehearse a dance number as The Mad Hatter briefs the party staff. As I admire the enchanted space, the Queen of Hearts poses for a photo beside a grinning Cheshire Cat. 193 more words