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Calculator: Estimated Atmospheric Pressure at Altitude

The following web site has a calculator for estimating atmospheric pressure at altitude:


This site also mentions altitude sickness and training at altitude.


Formula: Estimated Atmospheric Pressure at Altitude


p0 (kPa) : sea level standard atmospheric pressure = 101.325

g (m/s^2): Earth’s surface gravitational acceleration = 9.80665

L (K/m): temperature lapse rate = 0.0065… 90 more words


Calculator: Convert Feet to Meters

Here is a web-site that allows the conversion of feet to meters:


A runner cares about altitude.  As altitude increases, the air gets thinner.


Formula: Convert Feet to Meters

d1: distance measured in feet

1 foot = 12 inches

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

1 meter = 100 centimeters

d2: distance measured in meters = d1 * 12 * 2.54 / 100… 33 more words


It all began at 4800m...

It was while travelling in South America in 2009, that RBJ and I discovered our love for the hot waters of this world. I dug out some photos of the first  hot spring  we ever visited; Las Aguas Termales de Laguna Salada in Bolivia at 4800m above sea level,  and fell in love all over again: 73 more words



Hydration is extremely important to athletic performance. Some risk factors that increase the likelihood of becoming dehydrated include:

  • exercising for long periods of time,
  • being outside in hot weather,
  • 78 more words

To the Cross

‘Wednesday 8th October 2014, ~3.30pm

On the train to Aguas Calientes.  The scenic train.  But I’m plugged into my iPod zoning out.  I need some me time. 1,303 more words