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Searching the dregs of 'fantasy fiction' on Kindle

I think I must be getting old.  A recent search on Kindle for ‘fantasy fiction’ resulted in pages and pages of mainly cover images of half naked women and muscular ripped six-pack bare-chested men.  224 more words

The Summons: Part Four

Q. Do you know who I am?

A. Yes, I do.

Q. Why have you summoned me?

A. Because I feel guilty.

Q. Why do you feel guilty?

416 more words

Human Spirituality and the Transcendence of Time

Can you imagine what life would be like in a world in which no one was ever required to show up at a specific place at a specific time? 630 more words


The Wall of the Moral Law

This is a bit embarrassing.  After recognizing the vague nature of the selection from The Channels of Andros reprinted in the previous post, its author, Robert B.

753 more words

What My Pentagram Means To Me

When I first started wearing a pentagram I was brand new to Paganism. I was trained by someone who had a plethora of medallions, goddesses, and pentagrams hanging around his neck at any given moment. 1,029 more words

Personal Development/alternative Spirituality

Immortal...., a poem.

In Light and Power….

You have died,
Felt your last breath
expelled from your lungs.

Like video, played out before you.
Not a perfect life. 105 more words


Valuable, a poem

With with pick and
Hammer, I saw a
glimmer in the dirt
and rubble.

It was a long lost
piece of my heart.

I’d given it away. 131 more words