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Immortal...., a poem.

In Light and Power….

You have died,
Felt your last breath
expelled from your lungs.

Like video, played out before you.
Not a perfect life. 149 more words


Valuable, a poem

     With with pick and
   Hammer, I saw a
   glimmer in the dirt
         and rubble.

It was a long lost
     piece of my heart.

I’d given it away. 93 more words


'Tis the Season to Make Witch Balls

Witch balls are an Old World pagan tradition.  Hang them in windows, over beds to ward off nightmares, in the garden to bless new growth, in kitchen to welcome good spirits or over doorways to protect the entrance.  89 more words


The Path is before you. You need only to shine your Light upon it.

The beauty of the Spirit world is that no matter where we find ourselves, it is always present with us.  This can be a hard concept to grasp, as most of us are much more familiar with the physical world where the Eiffel tower is in France, and the Empire State Building is in NY.   1,287 more words

Spiritual Concepts & Teachings

Mabon 2014

Celebrating Mabon this year with a little trip to the country.

This is perhaps the most well-placed rocking chair I have ever sat in.

The cat and I had a moment.  60 more words


Necronomicon - Real or Imaginary?

It is real and imaginary. You need to discover how real your imagination is.

Our true nature is spirit or formless consciousness with infinite potential. It contains all possible ( :) conceivable or imaginable :) ) states of existence regardless of how feasible or realistic they seem to the sensory mind. 612 more words

Self Help

Understanding the Villain - Part II

In the previous post I tried to outline the origin and emergence of the villain.


In this post I shall answer the question raised in the last post: 492 more words