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Conspiracy Theorists, "Bloggers" Compared to ISIS During Congressional Hearing

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
(April 16, 2015)

People who challenge establishment narratives online likened with terrorist organization

Bloggers, conspiracy theorists and people who challenge establishment narratives on the Internet were all likened to ISIS terrorists during a chilling Congressional hearing which took place yesterday. 100 more words


Gröna Lund

2015 satsar Gröna Lund på skräck. Den nya påkostade attraktionen “House of Nightmares” sägs vara det otäckaste som skådats på ett tivoli. För att lansera detta vansinnigt ruskiga skräckhus gjorde vi en reklamfilm (som blev så läskig att den bara får visas efter kl 21:00 i TV4) och två “viralfilmer”. 43 more words


Conspiracy Theorists, Bloggers Compared To ISIS During Congressional Hearing

This would be would funny if lives were not at stake in this obfuscation of the truth exercise. Listen to these windbags talk about reputable television / media. 632 more words


WikiLeaks' Collateral Murder US Soldier Ethan McCord (17:27)

This is brilliant. It’s better than a war movie, because it is real. Listen to the soldier who had to witness the aftermath of the civilian carnage in Iraq. 253 more words


Cannabis Superior To Drugs For Inflammatory Bowel Condition Crohn's

Cannabis Superior To Drugs For Inflammatory Bowel Condition Crohn’s.


April 12th 2015

Written By:

Sayer Ji, Founder

When drugs fail, and surgery is the only remaining option on the horizon, smoking cannabis may provide an effective and safe natural alternative for the debilitating inflammatory bowel disease known as Crohn’s disease.  368 more words