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Book Review: Vermilion by Molly Tanzer

A few weeks ago I read a rave review of a book called Vermilion on NPR’s website. I am the type of person who typically believes everything NPR tells me, so when they wrote that the book is “a unique, hearty, thought-provoking romp that rewrites history with a vivacious flourish,” and described its protagonist as “one of the most delightful and charismatic fictional creations in recent memory,” I knew I had to pick it up. 726 more words


Free Double Bill Screening Tonight

IDQ author Russell Christie will be introducing and contextualising a double bill of films at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery tonight:

http://www.nottinghamcontemporary.org/event/speak-out-act-1 8 more words


The Metcalf Stone

The Metcalf Stone is a unique and important discovery. It was found by Manfred Metcalf in 1967 at Fort Benning outside Columbus, Georgia. This eleven by eleven inch stone was part of a chimney foundation from a house built prior to 1889 eliminating the idea of a recent forgery. 35 more words

Science Fiction Checklist Challenge: Alternative History

~posted by Selby G.

History is a series of events. But what if some of those important events had a different outcome? What if the Soviet Union won the cold war or Kennedy didn’t get assassinated? 285 more words


Mission Accomplished - Mutant 750

Mission Accomplished

Victoria wished she imitated German accents better. It would lead the police to the desired conclusions. Unfortunately, no one in her time spoke German anymore. 870 more words

Short Fiction

What is the Genre of your Novel?

Yesterday I was finally been able to sit down to write after almost a week of chaos. Two of the goats on the farm I live at kidded this weekend, leaving me with four cute factories running around the barn. 464 more words

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